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Um. I felt like this needed to be on tumblr.

In Defense of Mai: Refuting Fandom Hatred


Okay, so basically everybody who knows me on Tumblr by this point should know that I adore Aang. I adore Katara. I adore Asami. I adore Bolin. I adore Sokka… you get the point.

Here’s a less-known Melon fact: I adore Mai. In fact, after Aang, Mai is my second-favorite character, and for wildly different reasons.

But this fandom… ohhh this fandom. You just had to take a gorgeously-developed (albeit minor) character and shit all over her, didn’t you? 


People are really great at being quick to defend Aang when people pour hate on him for no good reason, and I’m really glad they are, but it’s a bit easier for Mai to fade into the background since she’s not, y’know, the protagonist (and also she’s just really good at that). So frankly, I think it’s about time someone put a little bit of thought into defending Mai.

So I did a little research, found actual lists of reasons to hate Mai, and here’s my little refutation of what I uncovered.

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